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The problem with warm places is its nonstop festive atmosphere.

Take Cali, Colombia, for example.

There are so many women wearing small clothes, and so many salsa clubs, that partying every weekend is like a religion.  And alcohol is always there, ready to make us lose our inhibitions and dance with as many girls as possible.

Same with California.  Californication.  Surfing.  Malibu.  Hollywood.


beach during sunset girl college students meth detox california

beach during sunset girl college students meth detox california

Sadly, Covid-19 interrupted the party.

But not that I think about it, it was too much.  We needed to make a pause. All those drugs mixed with alcohol so that we kept up with the party scene…

My best friend and me ended up overdosing with Cocaine  and heroin.

None of those pretty women were there for us.

We ended up in the most unexpected place of California.  But thanks to La Jolla Recovery, we are now safe and sound and able to write this.

Eventually, we were able to have fun again, but sober.  We even learned to surf properly.  I never thought I would do yoga, and not just wait for my girlfriend´s class to end.  But this is what rehab in San Diego California has taught us.


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