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alcoholics anonymous

I am fed up with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Even though I know how much it has helped a lot of people out of a living hell.

Maybe it was just the kind of A.A. group I used to attend in my affluent suburb, but I couldn´t stand people bragging about their alcoholic escapades to the beach or their country houses.  How sorry they are to have beaten up their wives, kids maids, and caddies when drunk.

As an agnostic, I felt rejected when I started reading quotes from writers and poets. Actually, they stopped me cold turkey and conveyed that only A.A. literature and the bible were allowed.

pat back meeting listening aa meeting man san diego meetings aa recovery

pat back meeting listening aa meeting man San Diego meetings aa recovery

On the other hand, I couldn´t help feeling at a stand-up comedy show.  I got nothing against laughing and having a sense of humor, but this was something else.

Most narcissistic people didn´t stop talking after the 10-minute limit but went on and on, especially if their jokes were warmly welcomed.

Also, we all had to pray while holding each other hands at the end of the session.  I didn´t reject anyone´s hands, but I remained silent and stared at the floor.

Alcoholics Anonymous is not for everyone.  It might suit you if you tend to be religious and like following rules.  My neighbor will take me to a different group since he claims each group has its own style”.

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