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alcohol abuse rehabilitation

Alcohol is a drug, pure and simple. A drug that’s been openly accepted and made familiar in society. It is so readily available in different forms that it’s challenging to look at it that way. The damage can be reversed once abstinence has been maintained, even though it impairs your body’s functions and health. In heavy drinkers, some damage is permanent, such as nerve cell loss. However,  research shows that the brain, as well as its cognitive functioning, has the potential to return to its near-normal size after a long period of abstinence.

Being one of the most abused, intoxicating substances in the world, there are many programs and resources available. They help to detox safely and to change behaviors related to alcohol. The motivation to achieve long-term sobriety is your first step towards repairing your reputation and relationships. Your one and only body will need repair through alcohol abuse rehabilitation too.

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