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Looking outside for what’s inside: a dangerous habit

We often consider traveling great roads in search of what we want, desires, or needs through which we think our happiness passes. So we immersed ourselves with great enthusiasm in the investigation. Thus, we move forward with the hope of finding the solution to what happens to us. But we do not realize that what we are doing is looking outside for what is inside.

In desperation to find what we are looking for, we do not realize it is closer than we think.

Thus, we travel great distances, accumulating incredible frustration, which leads us to anguish and discomfort.

The temptation to look outside for what we don’t see inside can be very significant. As big as it is wicked. Then we stop knowing each other because we are so busy looking for what is outside that we forget what we carry inside, and that is what we are.

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The temptation to look outside for what we don’t see inside can be very significant

So we blur and stop identifying with what we do. We become pure despair, desperation that we do not want to include in our definition. It is of little use to look outside what we already assimilated and learned in its day—that which we made our own, precisely for this moment.

Being unaware of ourselves leads us to distance ourselves from who we are. Therefore, we distance ourselves from our goals and blur our desires, assuming without criticism the expectations that others place on us and judging ourselves by them.

Looking outside for what is inside also takes us away from what we most want. Sometimes we believe that happiness is in having great things, and we lose sight of the small details. Valuing what we have helps us to discover the treasures that are nearby.

In addition, sometimes we see the best in the other and the worst in ourselves, another way of looking outside for what is inside. We also have virtues, and it is essential not to remove them from our attention field; otherwise, we will be very unfair when we sit down and take stock. Therefore, it is crucial not to forget who we are.

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sometimes we see the best in the other and the worst in ourselves, another way of looking outside for what is inside

There are a few ways to combat the tendency to look outside for what’s inside. Observe:

  • It is not focusing on the opinions of others. What others think is valuable, but up to a point. Often it is not true and, if we do not give them the proper treatment, it can end up causing us pain.
  • Value the small details. By valuing what we have, we admit that we have a great treasure. This helps us not lose sight of what we want.

Learn from us. Knowing ourselves helps us learn what we want and what our true happiness is. Thus, we can go behind our goals and not waste time in sterile searches.

Appreciate us. It means giving us value, putting love in how we treat each other. And convince ourselves that we are capable of achieving great things. Focusing on what others are or have takes us away from ourselves, and this increases our self-esteem.

Looking outside for what is inside is not always negative. Therefore, if we are attentive to what we criticize about others, we will see our elements reflected. Well, sometimes, we project what happens to us, and we are talking about a defense mechanism.

To transform who we are, flourish and stop covering our light, it is essential to stop looking outside. Inside are our qualities, which will help us face life, with its obstacles and virtues. 

looking inside rather outside happy bus passenger traveling sitting in a seat and looking through the window bus transport person

By being in resonance with who we are, we have greater peace of mind

Looking inside brings benefits too. Harmony. By being in resonance with who we are, we have greater peace of mind. We are close to what we want, and we undertake an assertive search. Searching within us makes us know each other more. When we see inside ourselves, we lower the pedestal to others and let go of prejudices, leading us to have healthier relationships.

Looking out permanently, as an attitude, condemns us to be a ship without direction. To maintain harmony, there is nothing better than using all the knowledge we have about ourselves, either because we have achieved it or because it has been provided to us by others and has passed our critical filters.

When I started looking within, I began to experience unique new insights that began to flow into my life. Commit yourself, and you’ll soon see how your life will change.

“If you look to others for fulfillment, you will never truly be fulfilled. If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself. Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ~ Lao Tzu

by Tannia V.


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