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Binge Eating

By February 27, 2020No Comments

Binge Eating

Eating disorders are extreme manifestations of a variety of weight and food concerns experienced by women and men. These include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and compulsive eating. These are all serious emotional problems that can have deadly consequences.

Compulsive eating is mainly characterized by periods of impulsive voracity or non-stop eating.

There are no purges but sporadic fasts or repetitive diets. Weight may vary from normal to discrete, moderate or severe obesity.


eating disorder binging food excess ice cream

eating disorder binging food excess ice cream

Eating disorders can develop through the combination of psychological, interpersonal and social conditions. Inappropriate feelings, depression, anxiety, loneliness, as well as family problems and personal relationships can contribute to the development of these disorders. The obsessive idealization of our culture for thinness and the “perfect body” is also a contributing factor to eating disorders.

Once initiated, eating disorders tend to perpetuate themselves. Dieting, getting stuck and purged are emotional methods that some people use to manage painful emotions and to feel in control of their personal lives. In turn, these behaviors impair physical health, self-esteem, ability and control.

Thinness does not give us happiness.

Being thin is very different from not eating compulsively. Thinness is not going to make all other problems of life disappear, work, family for example. There are no fat second class citizens, and thin first class. For the thin ones, not everything is happiness. You can suffer a lot being thin. This is one of the great lies of the disease, associating our happiness with weight, which leads to obsession with food. So, I think that fighting to lose weight I am fighting to be happy, and I forget to solve my daily problems that are getting worse. Apart from that, the idea of ​​happiness is a mirage in itself. No one lives without problems, everyone has something. Happiness is very different from serenity, which implies an acceptance of things, and not fighting against them. It is in serenity, in this tranquility of accepting things, where calm is. Not in the false idea of ​​happiness of thinness and pride of being the best in everything.

The problems do not change, if not my disposition towards them, and the way to face them. Tannia V.

Even eating or not eating often has nothing to do with problems.

It does not solve them, it aggravates them. Moreover, my sick perception of things can create fictitious problems in my head or aggravate those I have to give me excuses to eat compulsively.

They say abstinence hurts. Because problems and feelings are no longer hidden in food, if not they are lived in full bloom. What I need is a new way of living, in which I take care of myself, instead of running away.

Don’t weigh your self-esteem …What is really worth is what exists within you.

Tannia V.



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