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The Importance of me time

In today’s hectic world, it’s easy enough to prioritize others first.

Most people, due to their occupations or jobs, family, and the occasional “extracurricular” activity, come to think that they have no time for themselves. There are even cases of people who feel guilty for spending time alone. The fact that we dedicate time to ourselves is not well regarded in the eyes of society, and less so when analyzed in terms of productivity.

book and a cup of coffee or tea corona virus covid 19 self isolation quarantine self care me time

book and a cup of coffee or tea corona virus covid 19 self isolation quarantine self care me time

It is widely believed that if you spend time with yourself you are losing the opportunity to be more productive.

People have forgotten the importance of stopping, breathing, reflecting, thinking about situations, and silently conversing with the inner self. In the latter case, it is something we do all the time, but we don’t listen to that wise voice we carry inside because of the external noise.

Taking care of you

On the other hand, it is rare to meet people who are dedicated to taking serious care of their health, people who in some way or another obtain the necessary resources to improve themselves mentally and physically. Part of the time you have during the day could be used both for meditation and physical activity or fun/entertainment.

girl sitting on the bed making a manicure me time self care

girl sitting on the bed making a manicure me time self care

Technology can backfire

With todays technology it is even more difficult to have time for ourselves. For example, we now read books on our computer or cell phone and we chat and check emails at the same time. Many of the advantages of technology are overshadowed by disadvantages such as those that prevent us from enjoying the peace of being alone and dedicating ourselves fully to something special. Sometimes it is much more than necessary to leave the hustle and bustle of the noisy outside world and take a breather to return with energy and be in better shape to face situations.

The importance of self

When we dedicate time to ourselves, we obtain clarity, we think in a different way than when the stimuli of the environment affect internal communication; and we usually don’t argue or negotiate, because most of the time we understand our own way of thinking. This inevitably leads us to have a logical and objective mentality. And it is precisely this type of mentality that allows us to solve problems and make decisions more effectively.

You are important

It is difficult to communicate our ideas to others and have them accepted and understood. It is even more difficult to seek the necessary support to carry them out. However, when there is interpersonal communication, these and other disadvantages disappear and we evolve as people. It is not possible to acquire a great self-concept if you do not listen to what your subconscious mind has to tell you. You are more important than anyone else in the world, you must be your own priority. If you are stepping over yourself to please or satisfy someone else, or if you are in some way trying too hard for others, something must change.

If you are in harmony with yourself, you can bring harmony to others.

woman getting a message hands self care finding me time

woman getting a message hands self care finding me time

If you are clear in your own mind, you can face situations and people transparently. And in general, if there is well-being inside you, there will be well-being outside. No matter how many occupations you have, you can always find time in your day for yourself. It is NOT wasted time, it is NOT lack of productivity, and it is NOT unproductive.

When you start spending more time on yourself, you will see how your life will be much more enjoyable in every way and others will begin to notice it.

At La Jolla Recovery we place mental health and care for self as a priority. If you or a loved one are going through challenges associated with mental health or substance abuse such as opiates and prescription addiction and need answers on whether its the right time to get help, feel free to contact us.

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