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Social Distance

Let’s stop complaining and start to change. The world has already done it. It is time for us.

We asked for a change but instead of adapting to the change, we keep complaining and we do not act, we do not read, we do not work.  It is easier to stay in the error or in what did not go well than to focus on the solution of what we can control. The world has already changed … It is normal to be in shock … Little by little, we will wake up from this lethargy and we will get ahead. But first, get up from your bed, put on your favorite music and put up those spirits that your family and the world need you well. 

Never underestimate the power of words, it is through them that we motivate ourselves and inspire us to remind ourselves that despite any obstacle that life may put us on the road, it is worth going forward together where clearly, social distancing is not synonymous with social disconnection thanks to technology that allows us to be more connected than ever despite circumstances, despite everything.

social distance building top young couple

social distance building top young couple

In order to better carry out these days of isolation, we cannot lose sight of the fact that this situation has an objective and an end. It is easier to adapt our thinking when we know that this will be for a limited time. To think that sooner or later this will happen.

There are several recommendations:

Keep a positive attitude.

We have the option of choosing with what attitude we are going to face the problem. There is no other. In any case, we must remain isolated, so we can choose to look for the positive side.

It is important to establish a new routine for this new situation. We can write down our ideas, have schedules to do things, because this will give structure to our mind and we will avoid falling into a spiral of negative thoughts that can bring us dangerously close to depression.

It is necessary to avoid talking permanently about the subject. Our mind needs to be distracted and not be focused on the subject all the time.

You can do what you wanted to do a long time ago and you didn’t have time. You can write a book, read a novel, cook different dishes, fix all your drawers and cabinets, take out everything you no longer need, put together a puzzle, etc.

Stay in communication with your family and friends through video calls and chats.

Do exercise. It is very important to maintain a healthy mind. You can do routines that you can do at home.

Find out from reliable sources, do not share everything they send you in networks because this can create individual psychological discomfort and

It is important to receive daylight. Open windows, get up, get dressed, get ready.

Don’t lose your sense of humor. Our mind needs endorphins to be well and this is generated through laughter and exercise.

Focus on the here and now. Avoid traveling to the future. The only thing we can solve is what we are experiencing right now. Psychological fear is strongest when we focus on the future. Come to now and do what you can do by setting your mind to today.

social distancing of people waiting in line queue in front of rehab

social distancing of people waiting in line queue in front of rehab


And he read books and listened. 

And he rested and exercised. 

And he made art and played. 

And he learned new ways of being. 

And he stopped. 

And listened more deeply. 

Someone meditated. 

Someone prayed. 

Someone was dancing. 

Someone found his own shadow. 

And people started to think differently. 

And the people were cured. 

And in the absence of people who live ignorantly. 

Dangerous. Meaningless and heartless. 

Even the earth began to heal. 

And when the danger ended. 

And the people met again. 

They wept for the dead. 

And they made new decisions. 

And they dreamed new visions. 

And they created new ways of life. 

And they completely healed the earth. 

Just as they were cured.

K.O’Meara – Poem written during the plague epidemic in 1800

Tannia V.

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