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Healing our souls and bodies are the most important goals for an addict.

No matter you successful your career is, or how much money you have made.

Eventually, you will hit the wall of your emotional shortcomings.

You may be abusing your wife, or husband.

Or you committed fraud in order to keep yourself and your family in a high socioeconomic level.

teenager girl eating obsession healthy food

teenager girl eating obsession healthy food


If you have managed to keep your job afloat, despite being addicted to cocaine, heroin or alcohol, congratulations.  But at what cost?

Your parents or your children despising you?

Coming in and out of rehab without committing to a long-lasting recovery?

Healing is not something you can buy at the drugstore. Healing is work. And if you are religious, expect some grace.  Otherwise, work along scientific detox programs that top rehab centers offer…

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