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I am here (still) alive. I am Not a Cat!

By March 30, 2021No Comments

I am here (still) alive. I am Not a Cat!

But I wish I was. 

For many reasons.

Number one, because they are immune to Covid-19.  

Number two, cats can approach anyone they love whenever they want to.  They enjoy unrestricted human company.  Their fluffy faces are shown to us with no mask, and no face shields.  

They do not have online meetings and are not accountable for any misbehavior. 

cat zoom call computer man teleconference pet rehabilitation addiction

cat zoom call computer man teleconference pet rehabilitation addiction

Cats do not go to court, or judge anyone who does. Cats are better looking than us humans, especially after one year locked down. They are wiser than ever.  Cats allure confined and lonely men and women alike.  They can be aloof and not be stigmatized. They are the opposite of a clerk, or a flight attendant.  Their closest profession, if they could have one, would be shrinks or currency analysts.  

  • Did you hear that Sundance launched its first ever virtual film festival with huge success?

Aware of the market fluctuations, but mysterious and poker-faced.  If, due to some kind of glitch, cats enter the wrong section of a meeting room, they will not be scolded, but looked up to and welcomed.  The security guard may ask them to leave the room, and they will do so in the most gracious, elegant manner. Making us imagine what the teleconferences world would look like, if we all showed ourselves more authentic.  And fluffy


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