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You are not alone

My mental health has been seriously affected these days and I have felt very bad, it is emotionally and physically exhausting, and my capacity has been reduced in almost every aspect of my life.

beautiful young blackhair business woman in a black coat sitting you are not alone living with depression

beautiful young blackhair business woman in a black coat sitting you are not alone living with depression

It has become almost impossible for me to tell someone because I am very afraid of what they will say and because I feel ashamed to feel that way. This is precisely what led me to think that the stigma surrounding this issue makes people like me fearful to ask for help, making the recovery process much more complicated.

Usually I feel like this, alone, lost, and ashamed because it seems that I am the only one who cannot put the garbage in his head in order, but I know that there are other people who go through the same thing every day, who fight like I do.

Falling down again is not bad, but not wanting to get up again is.

I want to tell you not to be ashamed to ask for help, to cry if you need it, tell someone, and visit professionals. It is possible to beat this, but you have to make the first call for help. Going where a therapist does not make you a weak person, visiting a psychiatrist does not make you crazy, you are a person who takes care of yourself and that is fine, do not be ashamed of it.

alone tattoo mustache beard tattoos thinking feeling tattooed alone problems with living someon depression depressed

alone tattoo mustache beard tattoos thinking feeling tattooed alone problems with living someone depression depressed

We all seek to feel good to give 100 percent, and I know that we are not capable of giving 100 percent if our mind is not stable.

I tried to pretend and convince myself that I could do it, but it was a matter of time before my emotions exploded in my face, I asked for help, and I’m working on it because I want to get over this. I want to remind you that everything takes time but is achieved.

I haven’t told anyone about this yet, although I have a suspicion that the people around me know it’s not entirely me, and they and I are both afraid to start the conversation.

That is why I want to make a call for attention to people who perceive that some close being is not entirely well; I want to ask you to come closer, to talk to that person and ask him about it; You may not get an answer the first time, but let that person know that you are there to listen to them and that you are not going to judge them, because believe me they need someone to lean on.

We do not know how to start the conversation because we are very ashamed and scared, but I ask you to please come closer and offer your help that will be appreciated, and even if it is difficult for that person to admit it, they will secretly thank you.

I know that sometimes it is not an easy job to deal with someone who suffers from depression, some type of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, or any other mental illness, but bear with him, possibly he is in his most vulnerable moment, and he is not 100 percent that person; open your mind and help him see things in perspective, don’t judge him!

Do not pressure him to recover; this takes a long time; it is not something like “be positive and go” they are much more profound things; they are medical conditions that deserve attention like any other disease; help him clear things in his head and give him options so that he feels supported without pressure.

the mask to avoid infection of the coronavirus covid 19 hanging you are not alone living with someone with depression

the mask to avoid infection of the coronavirus covid 19 hanging. You are not alone living with someone with depression

Take care of your way of speaking; it is very easy for us to blame ourselves for things that seem very silly to others.

I know it’s not easy, but believe me, being at a person’s lowest point requires courage and a big heart and is one of the noblest acts anyone can do. And if you are the one who suffers from a mental illness, let yourself be helped; if someone offers his hand, accept it, and try to see that this person is making an effort for you because you do matter because you deserve that attention. Talking about it is the first step; even though doing so can be difficult, the costs of not talking about depression are very high. Up to 20% of cases of untreated depression have been found to result in suicide. Do not replace professional help with that of a friend; this is very important, and having both supports will make your recovery process a little easier; recognize that this is not your best moment but that you are much better than this. It’s not something that goes away on a meditation retreat.

Depression is very common, affecting 322 million people globally and 17.3 million Americans every year.  You are going to get ahead, I believe in you, I believe in me. I think we can. You are not alone. Help is available and is often closer than you may think.

by Tannia V.


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