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alcohol awareness

Are you aware of how many types of alcoholic drinks and brands are on the market?

Broadly, we have two categories: Distilled and fermented.

Fist we have beer and wine, as old as human civilization.

Then came the so called spirits, such as whisky, vodka, gin, tequila, brandy, rum and many others.  I am sure you´ve tried all these and many more.

It takes less than 10 minutes for the brain to start to react to alcohol.

woman drinking alcohol alone

woman drinking alcohol alone

Absinthe, The Green Fairy, contains wormwood, which doesn´t make it  more hallucinogenic than vodka or whisky though. Politics and economics are to blame for Absinthe once being banned.  If you already knew this, wow! Your level of alcohol-awareness is quite high.

During America’s dry age, the federal alcohol ban carved out an exemption for pharmaceutical use. Doctors discovered they could make more money by writing liquor prescriptions. Pharmacies, which filled those prescriptions, and were one of the few places whiskey could be bought legally, raked it in. In one decade, the number of Walgreens stores soared from 20 to more than 300.  Around the same era, a famous president used to go to the Embassy of Belgium to have martinis, as it was legal to own alcohol on foreign soil.

Have you realized that gin & tonics glow under a UV light because tonic contains quinines, which are UV light reactive?  No?  You´ve probably been too drunk to even keep your eyes open…

Were you aware that almost half of East Asian people lack the enzymes to properly metabolize alcohol?

If that´s not your gene pool, bad luck!  You must be quite tolerant to alcohol and have probably developed an addiction to it.



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