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internet addiction

How many daily online papers are enough?

Why is it that our urge to be well informed is never satisfied?

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, even those who didn´t suffer from internet addiction started to browse more and more often.  They wanted to understand why, all of a sudden, the world was upside down.

I have realized that for those of us who grew up with almost absent parents, the newspapers and even Wikipedia are our sources of wisdom.

addicted to internet man lying down and playing mobile phone

addicted to internet man lying down and playing mobile phone

We try to discover the world through these internet entries.  

We need to tell right from wrong.

Social media members are our family.  Even functional people fall into this trap, but for us, the void to fill is huge.  Internet addiction breaks in.

Since the first lock down, in spring 2020, it´s either booze or Instagram.

Painkillers or Facebook.   Snapchat or absolute silence.  Sometimes, all of the above…

The brightness of our tablets or mobiles is magical.  As if sparkling goblins were waiting for us on the other side of the screen.

If we turn out our devices, what are we left with?

Our silent, depressed,  and opaque selves…


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