With the rise of heroin addiction and opiate overdoses in San Diego, we at La Jolla Recovery homes are focused to provide a safe environment for those seeking freedom from prescription abuse understanding its wide use and availability in public. Although a stigma, heroin is now cheaper and stronger than ever, impacting youth and having it be a temptation for those beginning their journey to heavy substance use disorder. The expense of opiates begins the demand to a more potent form of opiates and given its price difference and potency, heroin has become a big demon in the streets.

At La Jolla Recovery addiction treatment centers we want to remind families and loved ones on our dedication to the solutions from opiate and heroin addiction. Heroin, oxycontin and vicodin abuse are real and by placing our core strengths to the social, psychological and existential development of our clients we can create a foundation for long term recovery from alcohol and drugs. Contact us for any questions regarding heroin, opiates or other drugs that frequently are the barrier to begin the process.

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drug abuse and alcohol addiction


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