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eating disorder

I hate my eating-disorder.

But I love food.

eating disorder binging food excess ice cream

eating disorder binging food excess ice cream

The bright side of this pandemic, is that social distancing keeps visitors and intruders outside your house.

Otherwise they would judge the disaster of my cupboard.

The pop corn on the floor.

The pile of dirty dishes.

And many other disorders caused by eating.


I can´t get grime off pans!

The lemons rot because I forgot I´d let them “sanitize” with soap and water in the blender for days.

The fridge is a total mess.

I´ve had nightmares of my freezer chasing me all over the neighborhood. It yells ” Leave me alone, you pig.  Let me sleep. Stop opening me for more and more ice cream.  Take the whole bowl instead of pretending to have just a cup and end up bingeing instead”

I am losing my mind with this horrific dreams.  I need an online shrink.

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