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Mass Overdose in California

If it weren’t for naloxone and CPR, the death rate would have been greater than 1.

Becoming accustomed to these overdose tallies (1 dead and 12 hospitalized) should not become the norm. Although it’s a blessing that police force is now equipped with Naloxone or Narcan, there is problem with Fentanyl and mixed substances that people are taking believing its an opiate.

There is a problem. A serious one.

With Ritalin rampant in the college scene and opiates that begin as prescription curiosity, the heroin epidemic is bringing national attention and one that requires a conversation, best practices and a step forward in understanding the demand for these substances and the mental health component that should be traced back to youth, stress and cultural variables.

Can we prevent this? Can there be a new strategy rather than fear that was typical of DARE and those practices that began in the 80’s?

naloxone and stopping heroin overdose

naloxone and stopping heroin overdose

Let us know your story, your experiences and above all your insight.

Recovery exists.

There are sober communities. Rehab is a beginning and extending treatment can affect a longterm attempt at getting sober for good. Can people reach out in college to counselors without being penalized? Can we speak openly without judging? We believe it is possible and it all starts with saying, what we are doing is good but it’s not enough.

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