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Massage Therapy for Drug Addiction

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How massage helps in recovering from drug addiction

Massages probably represent the oldest therapeutic tool, which the human being has used to provide and provide a natural resource for pain. With the passage of time these techniques have been perfected resulting in various types of massage, from relaxation to affective or sensual; going specifically for the therapeutic of the sanitary field and the one of the sports field, destined to improve the physical activity.

woman getting a massage substance abuse holistic

woman getting a massage substance abuse holistic

Massages are a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

Its effects are not only physically, the mind also responds to the human touch. During the massages we relax the mind and body and our energy increases.

When addicts consume, they receive a blow of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes us feel good. This, in turn, establishes an immediate reward system in the brain where the body and mind are rewarded for use, increasing addiction and conditioning. It has been shown that massage increases dopamine and serotonin, while favoring the reduction of cortisol, which is effective for reducing pain, anxiety and discomfort.

Most addicts became because of an underlying pain condition or a mental or emotional imbalance worsened by stress and anxiety. 

Massage reduces physical pain, since it reduces stress and anxiety in general, so it can make a significant difference as support in the treatment of addiction.

massage therapy for drug addiction

massage therapy for drug addiction

It may be necessary to take precautions when working with people recovering from addiction, as they present certain challenges. In this sense, it may be necessary to be clear and firm in their policies and in setting their limits, since this population often has problems to abide by the rules and respect others.

There is also a greater chance of an emotional release when working with clients fighting addiction.

While addiction or alcoholism a physical problem, it also has a great mental and emotional component. Those who fight addiction almost always have some kind of emotional problem that they are clinging to and there is a greater chance that it will surface during the massage.

detox from drugs with massage treatment

detox from drugs with massage treatment

Massage can be a very effective complementary tool in recovering from addiction to drugs, alcoholism or nicotine, since it can reduce stress and anxiety along with physical pain, and gives the patient a feeling of relaxation, peace and calm, In addition to helping to reduce muscle tension and achieve greater freedom of movement.

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