Reimagine detox and the addiction treatment experience.

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Rediscover life and embrace a new outlook.

Our continued dedication to transformed lives.

Long term recovery from alcohol or drug abuse begins with a great foundation. At La Jolla Recovery we help rediscover your strengths and passion for life. Our world-class addiction counselors and professionals set the bar for our vibrant recovery community in La Jolla, California.

Long Term Sober Living For Extended Sobriety

Real Change By Creating Connection.

Our mission is to implement evidence-based research in our treatment modalities. Our innovative recovery therapies place engagement and fulfillment at the core of the client’s experience. We value and provide gender specific treatment such as women’s sober living and women’s rehab. We see a world where no more lives are lost through awareness, proper intervention and social support.

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Prescription Drug Addiction

Pain Treatment

With a passion that began with sober living with a fresh perspective focus on youth, quality attention and vibrant emphasis, La Jolla Detox in San Diego began the movement of high quality treatment for alcoholics and addicts seeking long term sobriety.
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Sober Living

Recovery Homes

Quality sober living homes after drug and alcohol rehab is essential to develop a sober foundation, social patterns of support and a strong sense of self and community.
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Alcohol Abuse

Drug Abuse

The stigma of rehab leaves a sense of cold and sterile spaces that leave behind a low self esteem and at times a punitive response to a critical moment that requires positive and transformative options such as a beautiful home and spaces seeming more like home than a hospital. Welcome to La Jolla recovery homes in San Diego.
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Alcohol and Drug Testing

Safe and Structured

The peace of mind that comes from living in a sober living environment where drug and alcohol testing takes place is priceless. It sends a message of tranquility and serenity that are key for the drug and alcohol addiction recovery process to take place.
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Medical Detox


College and job opportunities make San Diego County ideal for transitioning during and after iop or sober homes. It is not uncommon for clients to live together with the structure they have embraced and have a foundation for the events and social systems that await. With AA meetings and sober events, it catapults sobriety to create sustainable recovery.
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Intensive Outpatient

Dual Diagnosis

Clients have the opportunity to be involved in intensive outpatient in order to embrace transition, responsibility and self respect. Management positions and leadership are available for clients. Here they can extend their stay and sobriety with great value for their recovery whether requiring MAT or dual diagnosis.
Sustainable Long Term Recovery

To change the lives of families and the community as we deliver our hope and passion for addiction recovery.

“It was life transforming being shown around the facility and introduced to the team. They seemed so comfortable and hopeful at a time I had nothing else to look forward other than the last chance to see our daughter live. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel at ease. Seeing her smile for the first time after 30 days was the best gift I have ever gotten. Thank you La Jolla drug and alcohol detox centers.”

Eve C.Mother

“By far the best rehab I've ever came across. Unfortunately addiction has taken us to interact with many rehabs and after a while it all seemed the same: just a place to keep it under control. La Jolla Recovery was different. They understood where I was coming from and made me feel comfortable after such exhausting nights and options to choose from. I would highly recommend them for any family member, a critical decision calls for experienced people and after having many questions answered was a blessing. Thank you for giving me my family back.”

Aura B.Mother

“La Jolla Recovery alcohol rehabs became a home to me. I could not imagine having done treatment for alcoholism anywhere else. The city of San Diego offers so many meetings coupled with staff from addiction counselors to psychologists that supported my journey. Thank you for what you have done for me and my family.”

Bailey R.Drug and Alcohol Counselor

“It's hard to describe how demoralizing it can be as a mother to look for help and continue to be disillusioned with addiction treatment programs and their process. At La Jolla outpatient programs I was able to get the right information, referrals and an open door policy for my daughter when it was time. Thank you for helping and for giving us a second chance in life to experience hope. ”

Geraldine A.Mother
Over 10 years of Providing The Highest Level of Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment in San Diego, California

How We Can Help You


With the ocean, beach and one of San Diego’s strongest recovery communities offering hundreds of meetings during the week, La Jolla Recovery drug rehabs are conveniently located for the comfort of addiction and alcoholism recovery.

Long Term

Thirty days are not enough for sustained recovery. Rehab and detox are but a start to withdraw from substance abuse. La Jolla detox and intensive outpatient programs make it possible to attend all these phases of early sobriety.


Rehabs should not feel like a hospital, but rather be inspiring for such a critical part of life . At La Jolla Recovery drug rehabs San Diego and addiction recovery homes, we believe one should feel welcomed by an environment of beauty.

and Results

Over 10 years of experience of drug rehabs and alcohol rehabilitation in San Diego where transformation is our vision. Drug and alcohol counselors engage our clients for a new way to see life.


Given the low staff to client ratio and tailored approach at La Jolla drug rehabs and alcohol detox san diego, our clients are offered and unique and attentive program therapies, activities and after care.


From surfing to meditating, we believe wholeheartedly that San Diego’s nature and a focus on evidence based approaches are the values of La Jolla outpatient programs.
Long Term Focused Rehabs and Sober Living Environments.

Jumpstart your life at La Jolla Recovery homes.