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My name is Sarah, and although I am not an alcoholic, substance abuse is woven into my family’s stories and the lives of people around me. As a young adult woman and a recent college graduate with a sociology degree, I am becoming more aware and engaged in the social issues that affect our communities and the world daily. I realize it significantly impacts people on a personal, family, and societal level when it comes to substance abuse. After learning more about La Jolla Recovery through online resources and testimonial videos, I see the beauty of recovery and people realizing the relief and joy of a life free from dependency on drugs and alcohol.

What outside and inside factors contribute to a person’s struggle with drugs and alcohol? And on the flip side, what about recovery environments like La Jolla Recovery that open people up to the idea that they can defeat alcoholism and begin living the life they have always imagined?

I have seen lives change, and I have been impacted by the changed lives of people in my family, which makes me excited to learn more about the world of recovery and what it does for individuals and society. I hope to explore the research put out by people before me and discover the stories of others to learn more about a problem that impacts so many lives.

– Sarah H.

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