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what to do

Spring 2020:  The novel coronavirus outbreak hits the U.S., Europe and many more countries.

The worst economic recession is one of its many consequences.

Political turmoil affects many developed and undeveloped nations.

Winter 2020-2021: The Covid-19 pandemic worsens due to a new mutation of the coronavirus.

Wildfires consume large extensions of California.

What to do?

stress and anxiety problems

stress and anxiety problems


When the world crumbles down, what to do?

Just when we were overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction and mental illness, the year 2020 came along with the plague.

Should we give up and go back to our old ways?

There are plenty of excuses to do so, and to waste the whole year, or even two.

Anxiety and depression are over justified, so why not open those bottles of pills before their expiration date?

We are going to the worst existential threat in a century.

Is this your excuse to relapse or will you use the lockdown and quarantine to charge batteries and relaunch yourself?

Yes, the epidemic and all that makes it thrice as difficult for us, the already over anxious, drug addicted and alcoholic of the world, but…

What to do…

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