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Linkin Park Singer Dead

By July 20, 2017 No Comments

One more great artist. Lost. To addiction.

And we wonder what we will hear about Linkin Park. The depression. The dark side. The music to give it one last sell. Or will it be discussing drugs, alcohol and hopefully the opportunities to not have this happen again. What about the management, labels and studios? How are they involved? Did they ever look away? Why do we look away? Do we wonder if we step aside it will be a phase? Yes. The confrontation and the intervention is the hardest. But there is a process. There is such a thing as taking time for self. Recovery can’t be forced. And the challenges under the spotlight are huge. The capacity to be treated as a ‘normal person’. But addiction is nothing short of normal. It requires attention. Confrontation. Consequences. Labels and management shouldn’t be able to want someone get back to work. Detox and rehab are not enough to keep someone serene, calm and with a new outlook. Support on the road. Is there such a thing? Who do we look for when there is tough times? The family? Speaking of family, our hearts go out and we hope we hear less judging and more solution. Lets not have this happen again. Here’s to finding ways to talk about addiction, making it more often, and taking this back to prevention and not waiting for another person to fall. Whether homeless or in the spotlight.





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