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Exercise and Healthy Food Obsession

By July 8, 2020June 25th, 2021No Comments

Orthorexia: obsession with healthy food and exercise

Orthorexia is a common era eating disorder that took hold with the advancement of social networks and the image of idealized bodies.

A new nutritional pathology has become established in recent times, as a result of the new stereotypes and demands of society that are constantly highlighted on social networks. The image of idealized bodies, healthy food, fit bodies and the obsession with exercise, among other practices, has become the formation of this new disorder called orthorexia.

It is an eating disorder that is “well seen” and consists of the obsession with eating 100% healthy. This pathology is similar to OCD and anorexia but with the difference that in orthorexia they are afraid to eat any food that is not prepared by them, because they want to eat “clean”, with nothing that for them is “toxic”, with nothing that ” get sick “according to those who suffer from it.



This fashion and new obsession of many adolescents and also adults has spread over social networks and is widely discussed today in doctors’ offices.

Having a healthy body does not imply stopping eating carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are super necessary. In fact, it is the source of energy and also acts in the production of serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that influences sleep, hunger and motivation.

So, when we diet without carbohydrates we feel unmotivated, in a bad mood and without wanting anything. The best quality hydrates should prevail, such as rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, legumes, quinoa, wholemeal flours.

Thinking about a healthy body can generate various confusions. So when does a person have a healthy and balanced life? When he eats healthy, being able to enjoy what he eats in the social gatherings he attends, not being afraid of food, exercising for pleasure, but not by obligation . Also, it is super important that the person can identify why they eat. For pleasure, hunger, or for some emotion caused?

A person with orthorexia is not aware of the disease, even if they are told to do so. Those who suffers from this disease can put their lives at risk since they begin to isolate themselves and think 24 hours a day about what to eat, what to cook, where to buy food, how to make excuses not to go to events, etc. This also affects physical health due to so many restrictions, generating nutrient deficiencies, ”said the professional, author of the books” We can eat everything “and” We can love each other more. “

obsessed with workout

obsessed with workout

Signs to identify orthorexia:

  • Exercise and food determine the person’s life.
  • Avoid going to social gatherings for not being able to eat what there is or for preferring to exercise.
  • It is very selective in the foods to consume.
  • Their only topic of conversation is food and exercise.
  • Carries out atypical behaviors. Ex: Taking food for your plane flight. Talking about food as if “everything gets sick.”

Recommendations for a healthy body:

  • Do not carry out diets to lose weight, yes when suffering from a pathology.
  • Do not deprive yourself of any nutrients.
  • That the most nutritious foods predominate.
  • Do regular exercise without over-demanding.
  • Enjoy social events and eat what we like.

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