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I wonder how many atheists have been junkies or alcoholics throughout history.

They may have been spiritual orphans, but rest assured that bottles of booze had a very special altar in their houses.

Karl Marx was obviously an atheist.

Apparently, there is a Karl Center acting as your own, personal atheist life coach for a few bucks over the phone.

atheist aa meetings sobriety

atheist aa meetings sobriety


And what about Sigmund Freud?

Infant sexuality, cocaine and a jew without God…

Perfect cocktail for the making of psychoanalysis?

Atheism equals the absence of God.

So, if you consider yourself an atheist, avoid making booze your new God.

Alcohol has been there in many world religions.

But quantity is the key to understand that there are limits.

Being an atheist does not make you immune to alcoholism and drug addiction.



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