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A New Sober Living For Women

sober living for women listening music headphones beach guitar
When our recovery clients ask, we take it seriously to listen to feedback. These next weeks we will begin our search for a recovery women-specific rehab program so that La Jolla Recovery's focus can now impact the lives of those women seeking quality, safe, and highly engaged alcohol and drug treatment centers in San Diego County. We will keep you updated...
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Heroin addiction in San Diego and our community role

Young man about to abuse substances needing heroin addiction and alcohol abuse treatment

Heroin addiction in San Diego and our community role With the rise of heroin addiction and opiate overdoses in San Diego, we at La Jolla Recovery homes are focused to provide a safe environment for those seeking freedom from prescription abuse understanding its wide use and availability in public. Although a stigma, heroin is now cheaper and stronger than ever,…

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Our Drug Rehab Video in San Diego

We like to show our drug rehab video to prospect clients and interested family members with actual reviews from staff and clients. La Jolla Recovery rehab in San Diego provides quality recovery homes for men and women to extend drug rehab and intensive outpatient programs, specifically a social and professional supervision after the 30 days of detox and rehab. We…

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