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I don’t trust those who preach enlightenment or the promise of a definite cure to all your ailments.

I distrust black or white dualities.

Either alcoholic or teetotaler Anorexic or obese.

Muscle dysmorphia or bulimia.

The truth is, many of us fluctuate between extreme personality traits.

At least until Mental Health professionals adequately diagnose us.

Priests, gurus, and other religious leaders have often abused their follower’s trust.  The police have charged some of them with fraud and rape.

After many of these incidents, it’s expected that most people distrust and turn to a more scientific approach to treat their addictions.

Science is not our enemy.

It can help us measurably overcome alcohol and other drugs.

living with an addict woman is pushing her husband during a fight

living with an addicted woman is pushing her husband during a fight distrust

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